A product of our family’s passion, Mahrem is our testimony to the enormous potential for high quality wine production in Turkey.

Mozaik Winery’s vineyards and the Mahrem wines produced in its on-site winery located in Urla-Izmir are together a part of a project, which we aim to pass on to the next generations. In our vineyards in Urla, we have started from scratch, and are growing several red varietals after careful selection considering the geography and the history of the region. We are now growing Syrah, Sangiovese, Corinto, Montepulciano, Petit Verdot, Tannat, Marselan, Ekigaïna, and Rebo. We grow our vines organically with little to no manipulation, and work in coordination with the laws of the nature. Some of the grapes mentioned are new varietals in the world with no vinified example, and have already won awards in leading international competitions.

We started our project in 2006 under the supervision of our Italian agronomist by integrating the history of Urla, and its natural character with our own past and our aspirations, and by keeping loyal to the winegrowing traditions rooting from this region’s history. Since the first day of our project, we have respected the dynamics of the grape and the wine, with no compromise from our understanding of consistent level of quality. We have established that with our special pruning techniques, tailored for each varietal, to reduce the burden on our plants throughout the growth season, and by being the only vineyard so far in Turkey with no installed irrigation system.

Meanwhile, our experienced Italian academician oenologist conducts the work in the winery with special care, with us as a family working in the winery throughout the process. In order to bring out the grape’s own character and the local history in the wine without any interruptions, our work is carried out in great simplicity. In our winery, every grape varietal is processed according to its specific needs and carefully fermented into wine.

Finally, our wines are bottled in our winery with great care to present itself to its consumers with our love for fine wine, the force of nature, the history of our soil, and the taste of our grapes. With the love of our work and the passion for our wines, Mahrem has become our private little secret. Every sip that you take from Mahrem will be the moment we share that secret with you…